Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cryptload Downloader For Rapidshare

Cryptload Downloader - Rapidshare Ultimate Downloader for free users
Rapidshare is one of the biggest file hosters on the web and has a remarkably confusing interface and system that confuses many users at the same time. This could have been designed to be this way on purpose to up-sell premium accounts to users who do not want to wait before they can download a file from Rapidshare.

Cryptload is a software that makes it easier to download files from Rapidshare. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it can detect and automatically enter captchas on the Rapidshare website. Besides that it supports a tool called Router control which can reset routers to force a new IP address which in turn makes the downloads immediately available again getting rid of the wait timer effectively.

Cryptload can be configured to react on Rapidshare links that are posted to the clipboard which are then automatically added to the download queue. A log informs the user of return messages from Rapidshare and the downloads are neatly sorted in the download manager window.

The software supports several other file hosters besides Rapidshare including Megaupload and Netload with the possibility to add more hosters using so called plugins which are also available on the Cryptload homepage.