Sunday, March 15, 2009

SMART TRANSLATOR - The Smartest English-indonesia Translator

Smart Translator is the application of computer which can translate English-speaking document to language indonesia conversely high-speedly.

Smart Translator translates document from various areas ( Economics, Technique, Law, Medical, Culture, Military, dsb) with level of high accuration.

Smart Translator easy to be applied, because appearance and way of usage is designed [by] equal to other application program, with facility basis for document processing, like Open, Save, Edits, Print, Cut&Paste, Find&replace, pl p2 etc.

Smart Translator has printing facility ( Print ) document directly.

Smart Translator can translate document in the form of direct MS Word Secara without changing origin format.

Smart Translator equiped with technology ” text to speech” which enables to read document of you either Indonesian and also English directly.